Month: September 2010

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Curb Appeal

OK, it has been a while!  Sure has been a busy year with the tax credit and low interest rates.  Tim keeps bothering me about not writing regularly, so here we go!

Read at the beginning (articles in February) before you read this one.  I see this all the time, and never understand it.  So many people have been taught “the kitchen and bathrooms sell the house”, that they will ignore some of the basics!  Most people decide if they would buy a house or not the moment they get out of the car.  The inside is all about validating what they decided when they were in the front yard.  How many people have you ever heard say, “I just bought a new house, the outside is awful, but the inside is great!”  I would bet not that many. 

What did you do?

You remodeled the inside, but forgot about the outside.  The outside is CRITICAL.  It is the first thing people see when they drive up to a property.

Ask these questions:

Do you have trash strung out all over the yard?
How about the contractors cigarette butts?
Does the pile of newspapers come with the house?
Did you pick up the phone books?
Are the screens hanging down?
Do you have cable wires hanging down like some sort of maze?
Are the windows dark and dirty?
Is your landscaping in order?
Can you see the house through the bushes? 
Is there mulch in the flower beds?
Do you have a color scheme that matches? 
Is your fence stained?
Do you have a new mailbox?
Did you leave the old yucky door bell button? (Listen up…a new one only costs $10.00.)

As a REALTOR, I know that if a house doesn’t look good outside a client might tell me they don’t even want to go in.  It happens all the time.

Trust me in this, you get what you pay for when you hire the right REALTOR!  Give me a call!

The Bottom Line

You need to turn this:

Turn this

Into this:


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