Month: June 2012

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FTC is Awesome

Here’s what I’ll tell about FTC from a different perspective, the outside looking in.

Having the pleasure of working with alot of you, especially you new investor’s, is  a great experience for me.  I see you guys out there working hard to follow the program.  I see the progress you make.  I love when you guys call me and tell me what’s going on and how you’re doing and I share your excitement and enthusiasm.

I know this program works, I see the results because many of you close with us at Adobe Title!  When you bring your first, second or third contract in, I’m just as proud as Tim and George.  I know your dedication and hard work paid off, I know you followed the program.  I’ve seen your struggles and the time put in and the victory felt after each closing!

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Relocating Tips

As a college student, moving in and out of various places has become commonplace. From living at home, to a dorm, back home, to an apartment, and another apartment, I feel like I’ve become a professional in relocating on the fly. I have a few tips to share for those that are planning on relocating soon, or know anyone that is.

Be a smart packer. One of my biggest regrets when moving out of my apartment was sticking heavy items in large boxes. Although the box did explicitly state that large boxes were for lighter items like linens and stuffed animals, I proceeded to throw in textbooks and kitchen items. That was an awful idea. Keep heavy items in small boxes while throwing your lighter items in larger boxes. Your back will thank you for it.

Also, make sure to pack like things together. The last thing you want to do upon moving in is to open all of your boxes because you forgot where you packed your toaster. Keep seasonal items together as well. In the Texas heat, the last thing you want to be pulling out in the summer is an electric blanket and a space heater.

Ask for help. Getting help will make moving so much easier. Whether they can help you in packing or moving boxes into your new house, more hands will make this task much less difficult. Ask people if they have spare boxes, packing tape, or a dolly. You’re already spending a lot of money on this move, so check if anyone is willing to part ways with a few boxes to cut down on costs.

Think about using storage. If you’re relocating near your old home, think about using a storage unit in Dallas to transition easier. Place big bulky items and boxes into your storage unit so that your moving day goes by smoother. Place that box filled with winter clothes in your storage unit for the time being.

Packing, moving, and relocating is a stressful process. Share some of your tips below!

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