Month: October 2012

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Investing in a Real Estate Property in Dallas – Some Tips

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Are you someone who is considering investment in a real estate property in Dallas? Dallas, Texas offers a lucrative opportunity when it comes to starting off with a business firm and therefore you might be looking for information on getting a real estate mortgage loan here. Are you aware of the tips that you need to follow before taking out a mortgage loan? If you’re a first time commercial loan borrower, it is most likely that you won’t know the ways in which you can secure an affordable commercial home loan. Making the mistake of choosing the wrong loan might force you into opting for a refinance or a loan modification. Hence, to avoid such situations, take into account some tips.

  • Check your credit score: Although you’re taking out a commercial mortgage loan, as you’re the borrower of the loan, you need to make sure that you have a good credit score. If you have a stellar credit rating, the commercial mortgage lender will be of the opinion that you have been good at managing your finances in the past and this will make them charge lower interest rates from you.
  • Save enough money for the down payment: If you wish to get a home mortgage loan within your means, you have to pay down an exact 20% of the loan amount. If you’re not able to pay down this amount, you will be most likely charged PMIs or the Private Mortgage Insurance payments. Therefore, before you approach a mortgage lender in Dallas, check if you’ve saved enough money.
  • Hire a Dallas mortgage broker: Taking out a home mortgage loan can certainly be an intimidating task if you’re not well acquainted with the mortgage industry. Therefore, you can hire a Dallas mortgage broker who can assist you in getting the best loan in the market that suits your needs and your budget. You may have to pay him but the service that you might get from his is worth it.

So, if you’re a prospective real estate buyer in Dallas, take into account the above mentioned tips before taking out a home loan. Manage money and make payments on time to avoid a hit on your credit score. Click here to know more.

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DFW home prices on the rise, signaling a good 2013?

I am not sure if I believe it, but Steve Brown is a pretty smart guy.  I hope he is right.  Here is an excerpt for an article he wrote recently about DFW home prices continuing up through March another 1%.

Dallas-Fort Worth home prices will rise by another 1 percent during the next six months, according to a new forecast by Clear Capital.

The California-based housing and finance analyst is calling for an increase in home prices in most major U.S. markets during the next six months.

“The good news: far more markets are improving than declining,” Clear Capital said in its latest report. “Our forecast shows the recovery will sustain the typically slow winter, and start the spring buying season strong.”

The home price forecast for the D-FW area is lower than the overall 3 percent gain Clear Capital expects in the 50 markets it tracks each quarter.


Here is the link to the article: