Month: August 2017

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REI DATA SYSTEMS Officially Launches InvestorWell, where Real Estate Investors Have Lenders Compete for Their Business

Dallas, TX August 16, 2017– REI Data Systems, a division of 2020 REI Group, is proud to announce the official launch of InvestorWell, application created to help real estate investors secure funding for their property acquisitions.   The site is designed to be quick and easy so that investors can effectively get the capital they need without hassle. Investors would rather spend their time finding their next great deal, not chasing lenders to fund it.
“This invaluable tool for investors is appropriately named the InvestorWell,” said Tim Herriage, CEO of 2020 REI Group. “It’s a place where real estate investors can attain funding for their projects fast and easy and our lenders ensure the well is never dry.”
Many people are familiar with websites that have conventional mortgage lenders compete for their business. What makes InvestorWell unique is that it services the investment loans segment of the real estate market. Investment loans are different because they can fund faster and usually cover rehab expenses when needed. With this new tool for investors, they receive the best rates and terms from lenders who understand the real estate investment space and can often provide additional insight for their customers.
“InvestorWell has been extremely successful so far in our testing phase,” said Mike Inman, Vice President of Technology at 2020 REI Group. “We have turned a complex function of real estate investment into a straightforward process. 3 loan offers in 10 simple clicks. It’s as simple as that.”
To try InvestorWell for yourself, go to InvestorWell is also actively looking to partner with lenders nationwide. To learn more about becoming a partner with InvestorWell, contact Justin Bennett at
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