Month: August 2018

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2020 REI Update

2020 REI has gone through a lot of changes in the three years we’ve been around!  Some of those changes have been good, and some have been bad.  We’ve seen a lot of great people come, and a lot of great people go.  Through it all, we’ve remained true to our mission, to make real estate investing easy.

One of the reasons our CEO Tim Herriage left Blackstone’s B2R Finance was to get back to his entrepreneurial roots.  He felt the corporate life wasn’t for him.  Much of the evolution of our company has to do with his personal evolution.  Tim is writing about these learning experiences on his personal blog at  2020 REI grew really big, and really fast.  It became more of a job than an entrepreneurial company.  In 2018 we’ve reversed course.  We’ve refocused on being small, and moving fast.  We’ve added some great people, and reduced the layers of complication.

We’d like to introduce you to several people and concepts!

ACQUISITIONS: If you need help buying wholesale property in DFW, reach out to Adam Trujillo.  We are happy to joint venture with you on wholesale properties and fix and flip projects.  Make sure you check back often for our updated wholesale inventory on our wholesale property board.  Click here to learn more or call Adam at 972.855.8846.

REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE:  Our real estate brokerage, Investable Realty, has helped hundreds of real estate investors achieve their goals.  Many investors are still taking advantage of our flat fee listing program to sell their as is inventory.  We’ve found investors are making about 10% more in profit by listing their as-is property with Investable rather than simply wholesaling it on the private market.  Contact Ben Lotzer to learn more about what Investable Realty can do for you.  You can also click here to email Richard Weeks or call 972.755.1880 to learn more about our company.

CONSULTING AND COACHING:  We offer very limited coaching and consulting outside of our regular classes.  If you are interested in real estate investment coaching, please click here to view Tim Herriage’s program.  If you are looking for a consultant, our company is happy to talk to you about your needs.  Click here to learn more about our consultation services.

DFW INVESTORS:  Although we no longer host regular monthly meetings, 2020 REI still provides ample exposure to DFW based events.  You can find events we’re hosting, supporting, attending, or speaking at on our events page.  Click here to see what is coming up.

PRIVATE EQUITY:  Our private equity management company, Elevate Private Capital, is entering it’s third year with our fund, Elevate SFI Fund.  This fund is no longer open for outside investment.  We do have other opportunities for private investment available.  Click here to learn more.

FINANCING:  We offer some great financing to our customers.  Whether you want a 30 year rental property loan, a 12 month hard money loan, or just need transactional funding, our team can take care of you.  Click here to get in touch with our team of real estate investor lending specialists.

INSURANCE:  We’ve created REI Choice to help investors insure their properties the right way.  Our investor program offers low rates, low deductibles, and high coverage.  This product is designed to make your life easy, but also provide peace of mind.  Click here to learn more about what REI Choice can do for you.

2020 REI is a complete one stop shop for all of your real estate investing needs.  If we don’t ave the product, we can help you find it.  Stay up to date with us, and we look forward to being on your real estate investing team!


Team 2020

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Ben Lotzer appointed Vice President

Investable Realty has promoted Benjamin M Lotzer to Vice President of Investor Relations. Ben was born and bred in Dallas. After attaining a degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Texas at Dallas he pursued a career in real estate. Starting out as a Mortgage Banker and private investor, he has helped hundreds of people with buying homes and teaching them how to become successful investors. He gained his real estate license in 2014. His wide range of experience with first time home buyers, property management, commercial and residential investment properties, along with a background in finance makes sure that you will be taken care of now and in the future.

He is currently promoting Investable Realty’s newest program to make sure that our investor partners are given full service listings while keeping their costs down to only 1% on the listing side of the transaction. This ensures that our partners are maximizing their profits while still having the benefits of professional photography, open houses, and having the property listed through the MLS. We will also notify our list of cash buyers if the property would be a good candidate for rehab or updates for them to flip. Contact Ben at 469-231-3338 or