Month: January 2019

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A growing trend among investors is to diversify by getting into multifamily. I know plenty of investors that have made a lot of money in multifamily, but it can be just as dangerous as rewarding. I’ve known Brad Sumrok for more than a decade now. I do not know anyone that has more multimillionaire apartment investors swear by them than I do Brad. Brad’s team are excited to cover the information below, and more.

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Robert Greenberg to Share Market Intelligence

I’m not sure I was ever as connected to the real estate investor space as I was when I ran B2R Finance. When you engage with so many borrowers on a daily basis, you really stay connected locally from a national position.

My friend Robert is the Chief Marketing Officer for Patch Of Land. Robert is one of the most capable marketers I’ve met. At Patch Of Land, he is always trying to understand what challenges the customers have and looking for ways to address them. Robert will be speaking about several different topics at the Annual Summit.

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The Big Bang – Scott Horne’s Real Estate Journey

Very few people have impacted my real estate career like Scott Horne. Scott has been an active real estate investor for decades. He has weathered the market swings, and helped countless entrepreneurs get their start. I am lucky to be in that group. At the Annual Summit this year, Scott is going to be discussing:

  • What happened in 1986 and in 2008 (the big ones)
  • The other economic bumps along the way
  • What happened to him and his companies
  • How he navigated the changes that occurred
  • Lessons learned
  • Things to consider today since the market will change (it always does)
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Featured Speaker: Nick Fortune

We’re pleased to announce that our friend, Nick Fortune, and his company Fortune DNA have agreed to present at the Annual Summit and are now the host sponsor.

Nick Fortune

Nick has been highly praised by many of our customers as being a wealth of knowledge and providing the exact services they’ve been looking for.

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