Perpetual Planning

by Tim Herriage

Perpetual Planning

by Tim Herriage

by Tim Herriage

I decided this is my new tag line. Perpetual Planning Provides Poor Performance! This is the five P's that will limit your reach and ability. This website is full of people that have contacted me and asked for forms, advice, training, and said they do not know where to start. They are always planning, and waiting for the stars to align. Keep reading if you want to know what to do about it.

The time is upon us all. I have even been laying a little low since 2008, the last three years have been difficult for many of us. I am sure most of you are aware more than half of the HomeVestors offices in town shut their doors. These were many friends of mine, and me too. The market has been tricky, and will be for the next six to nine months. I have always believed 2012 was the time when the economy and market would actually recover and improve.

All forecasts lead to 2012 being a year of great growth and development in Texas. If you want to take advantage of this and actually change your life, the time is now. George Roddy and I have developed a six week training course designed at arming you with the tools to tackle the market, and spring board ahead of the competition.






This program is called Flip That Contract. Flip That Contract will be unveiled for the first time on Saturday, June 11, 2011. Flip That Contract will open for enrollment on June 15th, and will close June 30th. If you attend the seminar on June 11th, you get:

  • The first look at this exciting program!
  • Seven hours of education – NOT a pitch fest!
  • Lunch served to your seat off of a menu!
  • Printed forms, notes, outlines, contracts, addendums, and checklists!
  • Q&A sessions with George, Tim, and several special guests that were instrumental in developing this course!
  • Free Access to the Audio and Video from the seminar. These are not for sale, you must attend the seminar to receive your copy. There WILL NOT be an up charge!
  • Exclusive discounts to the course that will not be offered again!

George and I are so convinced you will benefit from this seminar, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee! If you attend the seminar and email us that it was not what you wanted, you get a 100% refund, NO QUESTIONS asked.

Stop “planning” today, and come to the Flip That Contract Launch Seminar on Saturday, June 11th, 2011. Visit for more information and to sign up.

When you register for the seminar you get immediate access to:

  • Exclusive audio of Tim negotiating a purchase two weeks ago. You can hear Tim hook the seller, and get the seller to commit to call him back. Tim bought this house the next week for $7,500 LESS than his original offer and sold it the next week!
  • Private audio of Tim’s one hour lecture at the REITC in Dallas in May.
  • A text copy of that lecture.

Check out for more information. The price goes up on Thursday, so get your ticket today!

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