Productive week on a promising property!

by Tim Herriage

Productive week on a promising property!

by Tim Herriage

by Tim Herriage

We started our newest project this week.  I had four guys there Monday through Friday doing demo, patch work, and prep for the texture.


I also started finalizing all of my bids for the subcontractors.


1.  Electrical:  We new we had to replace the panel (it was one of the old fuse boxes), so I had the electrician run the wires for some new can lights, the water heater, and the furnace.  We are relocating the furnace and water heater in order to move the laundry room from the kitchen to the hall closet.  Jessie Kinney was by far the best bid on the electrical repairs.


2.  Plumbing:  We relocated a couple of gas lines, and had the plumber relocate the laundry drains as well.  We are saving a lot of money on this, because the demo on the walls was already done, so the plumbers can do their job, and leave!


3.  HVAC:  We had the HVAC Company come in and reduct the house.  This was a house that had the heat running through the floor, and the AC through the walls.  When we relocated the furnace, we decided to just reduct the house. David Perry was by far the best bid, and was able to use the same furnace in the attic, by purchasing a converter kit.  This was necessary because the furnace was originally a vertical furnace, and will now be horizontal in the attic.


4.  Foundation:  We had the piers dug this week, and will lift no later than Wednesday morning, depending on the rain.  I got a foundation company to do it for about 20% less than my best bid, because they had a cancellation, and needed somewhere to put their crew the next day.  I really wanted to use MetroTex, but couldn't pass on the price.  This is one of those times it pays to get multiple bids, even when you want to go with your preferred vendor.  My estimate on the foundation was WAY off, because the house is not a pier and beam, like I had thought.  It is actually a “Hollywood” foundation.  This type of foundation looks and feels like a pier and beam, but is actually a slab with 2×4 floor joists under the sub floor.  We had to make some adjustments because of the overages, but the project will still come in on budget!


5.  Flooring:  We are going to be able to save the original hardwoods!  It looked as if we weren't going to be able to, but with careful pier placement (digging in the closets) the floors remained in tact.


6.  Granite and Cabinets:  We were able to maintain our planned custom cabinets, and granite throughout the house.  This will make the house sell, VERY quickly!


All in all it has been a busy week planning, organizing, and managing this rehab.  We started on Friday, and will be done no later than March 11th.  This will enable Jennifer to stage the property, and have it on the market by March 12th!  If you would like to see the house, let me know!


If you need help with one of your projects, give me a call.  I rehab houses for investors all the time.  If you just need a referral, I can do that too!


If you want to look at pictures, check out the photo album.


I also have my preconstruction video uploaded.


See you online!



Tim Herriage

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