Insurance For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investor Insurance

Insurance For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investor Insurance

by Tim Herriage

REI Choice is accomplished, innovative and principled in our real estate ecosystem.  We are all driven to be the best as you are. We solve problems.  We create products and systems unique to our industry. We take the risk of loss and transfer it to an insurer in exchange for equitable payment.

Should insured damages occur, our clients receive: compensation, indemnity from loss, we mitigate the negative financial impact to your company’s bottom-line while improving cash flow through technology and out-of-the box thinking for your organization. Even the portal transaction system we have created makes it easy. Thus, we help you make it easy and secure… That is our goal for you.

When you work with us, you can count on our experts to combine creativity, personal service and an intimate understanding of the insurance markets to craft a unique program for you. We track your account for the optimum balance of coverage and cost moving forward. At the end of the day, there’s nothing mysterious about it. It just makes sense.  REI Choice Insurance makes sense… intelligent professionals designing unique coverage for you.

Property & General Liability

Program Highlights

  • Built to maximize cash flow.

  • Quote it, Bind it, and Print it right from your desk top

  • Anytime, anywhere

  • Packaged Coverage for Vacant/Rental Dwellings Fire, Windstorm and Liability

  • Pay only for the days the policy is in force, with monthly payment options.

  • No Policy or Billing fees. No Minimum Earned Premium Charges.

  • Competitive Pricing.

  • No photos or inspections required to issue coverage.

  • Electronic Billing and Payment Plans.

  • Rentals or Flippers.

  • Vacant or Occupied Properties.

Coverage Highlights

  • ACV or RCV Options available (Less the Land Value)
  • Property Limits up to $1 Million. Additional Limits with Simple Underwriting
  • Special Form Including Theft
  • Windstorm Coverage
  • Vandalism, Malicious Mischief
  • Optional Flood coverages available
  • Competitive Pricing with Deductible Options
  • No photos or inspections required to issue coverage.
  • Electronic Billing and Payment Plans.
  • Rentals or Flippers
  • Vacant or Occupied Properties

Renter’s Content

This program provides coverage for tenant contents and liability which pays the tenant for sums that they may become legally obligated to pay, as a result of a covered event.

Program Highlights Include

  • Packaged coverage for direct physical damage to personal property (broad form) & tenant liability.
  • Various limit & deductible options available.
  • Monthly Net Billed Invoicing.
  • Online Status Report Providing a Listing of All Polices.
  • Simplistic Web Based Insurance Administration Available 24/7.

Renter’s Contents coverages include:

  • Personal property owned or used by an Insured while it is anywhere in the world.
  • Personal property of others while it is on the ‘residencepremise’ occupied by an insured.
  • Includes $3,000 Additional Living Expense.

Renter’s Liability coverages include:

  • Damages for which an Insured is legally liable including prejudgment interest awarded against an ‘insured’ and defense costs.
  • Includes $1,000 damage to property of others(caused by an Insured) and $3,000 Med Pay.
1 $250 $30,000 $100,000 $16.00 per month
2 $500 $30,000 $100,000 $13.50 per month

Covered Events may not be selected individually but are offered as plan packages,determined by the Company. * Additional surplus lines taxes and fees will apply. Limit of liability for personal property usually located at an ‘insured’s residence, other than the ‘residence premises’, is 10% of the limit of liability or $1,000, which ever is greater.

Note: If a ‘residence premise’ has been vacant for more than 60 consecutive days, coverage for the perils of Theft, Vandalism & Malicious mischief may not apply.

Builder’s Risk

Our Builders Risk Program provides critical funding to quickly repair damages following a loss and gets your project back on track. Any project, any type of construction or location. Quote turnaround is within 48 hours.

Soft costs over and above the originally projected cost of construction incurred as a result of a covered loss to the insured property:

  • Interest on money borrowed to finance construction or repair.
  • Real Estate and Property taxes.
  • Architect, engineering and construction fees.
  • Legal and accounting fees.
  • Advertising and promotional expenses.
  • Commission for renegotiation of leases.
  • Other expenses, if any, as may be specifically listed elsewhere in our policy.

Property Coverage

Coverage available for property undergoing the following Construction Operations, subject of the contract(s) described in the schedule:

  • Reconstruction
  • In the course of construction
  • Repairs
  • New Construction

Other Optional Features:

Coverage available for property undergoing the following Construction Operations, subject of the contract(s) described in the schedule:

  • DIC Coverage
  • Gap Coverage
  • Flood and Earthquake
  • Transportation
  • Offsite Storage
  • Ordinance and Law / Demolition & Increased Cost of Construction
  • Foreign Countries
  • Pollution
  • Mold and Fungus Remediation
  • Much, Much, More

Flood Insurance: Specialized knowledge makes a difference.

Ask our experts to explain your options before you buy flood insurance. The Flood Insurance Act of 1994 states “a loan cannot be made on a property or a mobile home located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) unless it is covered for the term of the loan by flood insurance, and insurance coverage must be at least equal to the outstanding principal balance of the mortgage, insurable value, or the maximum limit of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies, whichever is less.”

Arcana’s flood program provides coverage for direct physical loss by or from the peril of flood

Program highlights include:

  • Policy Coverage – Provisions follow the NFIP standard policy language
  • Coverage Limits – Residential $250,000/Commercial $500,000
  • Flood Zones – Coverage is available in all zones
  • Non-Participating Communities – Coverage provisions are the same as the NFIP standard policy
  • Excess Flood limits also available

* “All Risk” Coverage is subject to limitations and/or exclusions as set forth in the policy form.

This program is really simple.  You can place insurance on your property in less than five minutes.  Watch this quick demonstration below:


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