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Financing Webinar and Mentor Program

Real Estate Investment Financing

There are many options available for real estate investor financing these days that just simply haven’t been there in the past.  This week, we’ll be hosting a one hour webinar to update everyone on today’s products, and introduce our team of loan officers to you.  The webinar is at noon Central on Thursday, September 27th.  It will be recorded and shared with those that register.  Click here to learn more and register for this free webinar on real estate investment financing. We’ll be discussing current market trends, current interest rates, and some of the strategies our most successful clients are using.

Free Mentor Program

Now, obviously there is a catch.  Our CEO, Tim Herriage, has resisted having a mentor program for the longest time.  It is hard to  have a one size fits all program, and we’ve been focused on other things.  Due to a large demand, he’s created a mentor program with a catch.  This program is more about personal access to one of the pathfinders in the real estate investing industry.  Tim has helped multi-billion dollar hedge funds create large companies, has been instrumental in helping hundreds of small investors get their start, and has helped countless others in between.  This mentor program offers personalized training and support, with the ability to “get your money back”.  2020 REI Group will rebate 100% of our fees earned on our eligible services back to you until the mentor program has cost you nothing.  There are four spots remaining in the program as of today.  Click here to learn more about this program.

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Stated income, no doc, rental and fix and flip loans

Our finance team has been hard at work over the past few months! We’ve secured several new loan options that can meet almost any investors needs. We work offer over 50 different loan products, so let’s connect today, to see which one is right for you.



  • 30 year fixed or a combination of ARM options (IO too!)
  • Property Cash flow financing (not personal DTI)
  • Rates as low as 5.5%
  • FICO as low as 600
  • CASH OUT with 30 days seasoning
  • STATED income and asset loans


  • No appraisal options
  • Quick close (48 hours) options
  • Origination between 1.5% and 2.5%
  • Rates as low as 8%
  • Some no credit check options

We specialize in finding the right loan for your project and the right timing for your needs. Depending on your timeline, liquidity, and mid-fico score; some products may not be available at certain times. Instead of telling you NO, we find you the best option available.

Use this link to fill out a contact form


Call 972-737-1850



No brokers, please.

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Two events, two deals and two loans

It’s a rainy but busy week at 2020 REI.  This week, I’ll be speaking at the Realty411 Lone Star Expo on Saturday, and the 5 Star Conference’s Single Family Rental Roundtable on Sunday.  There is more information below about these events or you can just click on the events tab to browse.  Our acquisitions business is going strong in DFW and we have two new wholesale properties in Plano and Irving that will hit the market soon.  The Irving Property is available now, but we are waiting for bids to come in on the Plano home since it is such a major rehab.  You can call our sales line at (214) 922-1970 now to talk to Jaymon.  We also have some new loan programs to talk to you about.  We have a 30 year fixed product with rates starting at 5.5% and some fix an flip loans with really good terms. This is a really good time to look at these ASSET based opportunities while rates are still ridiculously low.  Click here to talk to someone in our finance department.

Here is some more information about the upcoming speaking events:

Saturday: Realty411 Lone Star Expo:  I will be speaking about building a rental portfolio from 9:30 AM – 10:20 AM and will be at the 2020 REI booth afterwards.  Come say hello!  The event is free, and lasts from 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM.

  • DATE: SATURDAY, Sept. 15th, 2018
  • VENUE: Sheraton Arlington Hotel, 1500 Convention Center Drive, Arlington, TX, 76011
  • TIME: 9:00 AM — 6:00 PM
  • Learn more here

Sunday: 5 Star Conference’s THE SINGLE-FAMILY RENTAL ROUNDTABLE: I am on a panel about the latest financing strategies for investors from 11:00 AM – 11:50 AM.

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Three new wholesale Deals

Another real estate investment opportunity from 2020 REI Group and our team.

So, my brother Jaymon has one deal that’s been reduced (Delmac) and we are putting a 3/2/1 in Irving and a 3/2/2 in Plano out Monday.  Call/text him at 214-922-1970 to talk shop and learn more about these houses.  We need to sell the Delmac house this weekend.

IRVING 3/2/1
ARV: $185,000
Rehab: $35,000 (retail) $25,000 (rent)
Rents: $1,400 – 1,600
Asking:  $125,000 OBO

PLANO 3/2/2
ARV: $415,000
Rehab: $75,000
Asking: $280,000 OBO


***REDUCED*** Kiestwood Estates Flip Opportunity

Assignment of Contract offered by a wholesaler for the property located at 2547 Delmac Dr, Dallas, TX 75233

I am continually impressed and surprised when I venture into neighborhoods of Oak Cliff lately.  These areas are really on the rise, and contain some of the nicest lots and quality construction in the City of Dallas.  This 1955 build 2(3)/2/2 brick home is no exception.  The Kiestwood Estates area of Oak Cliff contains many mid-century ranch properties that are selling for more than $300,000 these days.  We estimate the ARV for this home to be approximately $285,000 and the rehab should be less than $35,000 (opening walls, etc).  We are asking $185,000 OBO for this property.  Closing on or before 9/14.  Six month financing available with months with 15% down for non-owner occupants subject to borrower approval.  Please call/text Jaymon at 214-922-1970 to set up a time to meet him at the property.

Click here for pictures and video



Learn More

We are local Dallas homebuyers who purchase properties from individual sellers. We have over 20 years of combined real estate experience and are here to help make selling your home feel comfortable, fair, and professional.  Click here to sell us houses in the DFW area



Investable Realty is a professional, full service real estate brokerage currently focused in the North Texas area that provides exceptional property variety and customer service to the individual, professional, and institutional buyers and sellers. We can source or sell for you, learn more



Our mission at 3L Finance is to make getting real estate investment financing easier, and comfortable for our borrowers. We provide personalized real estate investment financing service with integrity to the borrower, entrepreneur or investor, appropriate for their current and unique needs. SAY HELLO



REI Choice is accomplished, innovative and principled in our real estate ecosystem.  We are all driven to be the best as you are. We solve problems.  We create products and systems unique to our industry. We take the risk of loss and transfer it to an insurer in exchange for equitable payment.  Learn More



Do you know how to source deals, fund them, and get the most return on investment? We do, and we have the track record to prove it with 20+ years of experience. Through the good and bad markets, we’ve prevailed. Our hindsight is your advantage.

Not sure where to begin? We offer a tailored consulting service to help elevate your investment business to the next level. Contact us at 972-755-1880 or email to see how our business can work with yours.

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2020 REI Update

2020 REI has gone through a lot of changes in the three years we’ve been around!  Some of those changes have been good, and some have been bad.  We’ve seen a lot of great people come, and a lot of great people go.  Through it all, we’ve remained true to our mission, to make real estate investing easy.

One of the reasons our CEO Tim Herriage left Blackstone’s B2R Finance was to get back to his entrepreneurial roots.  He felt the corporate life wasn’t for him.  Much of the evolution of our company has to do with his personal evolution.  Tim is writing about these learning experiences on his personal blog at  2020 REI grew really big, and really fast.  It became more of a job than an entrepreneurial company.  In 2018 we’ve reversed course.  We’ve refocused on being small, and moving fast.  We’ve added some great people, and reduced the layers of complication.

We’d like to introduce you to several people and concepts!

ACQUISITIONS: If you need help buying wholesale property in DFW, reach out to Adam Trujillo.  We are happy to joint venture with you on wholesale properties and fix and flip projects.  Make sure you check back often for our updated wholesale inventory on our wholesale property board.  Click here to learn more or call Adam at 972.855.8846.

REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE:  Our real estate brokerage, Investable Realty, has helped hundreds of real estate investors achieve their goals.  Many investors are still taking advantage of our flat fee listing program to sell their as is inventory.  We’ve found investors are making about 10% more in profit by listing their as-is property with Investable rather than simply wholesaling it on the private market.  Contact Ben Lotzer to learn more about what Investable Realty can do for you.  You can also click here to email Richard Weeks or call 972.755.1880 to learn more about our company.

CONSULTING AND COACHING:  We offer very limited coaching and consulting outside of our regular classes.  If you are interested in real estate investment coaching, please click here to view Tim Herriage’s program.  If you are looking for a consultant, our company is happy to talk to you about your needs.  Click here to learn more about our consultation services.

DFW INVESTORS:  Although we no longer host regular monthly meetings, 2020 REI still provides ample exposure to DFW based events.  You can find events we’re hosting, supporting, attending, or speaking at on our events page.  Click here to see what is coming up.

PRIVATE EQUITY:  Our private equity management company, Elevate Private Capital, is entering it’s third year with our fund, Elevate SFI Fund.  This fund is no longer open for outside investment.  We do have other opportunities for private investment available.  Click here to learn more.

FINANCING:  We offer some great financing to our customers.  Whether you want a 30 year rental property loan, a 12 month hard money loan, or just need transactional funding, our team can take care of you.  Click here to get in touch with our team of real estate investor lending specialists.

INSURANCE:  We’ve created REI Choice to help investors insure their properties the right way.  Our investor program offers low rates, low deductibles, and high coverage.  This product is designed to make your life easy, but also provide peace of mind.  Click here to learn more about what REI Choice can do for you.

2020 REI is a complete one stop shop for all of your real estate investing needs.  If we don’t ave the product, we can help you find it.  Stay up to date with us, and we look forward to being on your real estate investing team!


Team 2020

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Ben Lotzer appointed Vice President

Investable Realty has promoted Benjamin M Lotzer to Vice President of Investor Relations. Ben was born and bred in Dallas. After attaining a degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Texas at Dallas he pursued a career in real estate. Starting out as a Mortgage Banker and private investor, he has helped hundreds of people with buying homes and teaching them how to become successful investors. He gained his real estate license in 2014. His wide range of experience with first time home buyers, property management, commercial and residential investment properties, along with a background in finance makes sure that you will be taken care of now and in the future.

He is currently promoting Investable Realty’s newest program to make sure that our investor partners are given full service listings while keeping their costs down to only 1% on the listing side of the transaction. This ensures that our partners are maximizing their profits while still having the benefits of professional photography, open houses, and having the property listed through the MLS. We will also notify our list of cash buyers if the property would be a good candidate for rehab or updates for them to flip. Contact Ben at 469-231-3338 or

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Quick Close Loan in AZ, CO, TX, TN, and NC

Real Estate Investment Financing Program Overview

This quick close loan product is only available in Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.  We generally limit it to non-rural areas with a population of at least 20,000 people within the county where the property is located.  The interest rate on these loans is 12%.  The origination is as follows:

  • Arizona: $1,500
  • Colorado: 2%
  • North Carolina: 2%
  • Tennessee: 3%
  • Texas: 2%

Loan Type:  Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, Rehab, Cash Out, Refinance, Construction, Transactional Funding, and Bridge Financing

Property Type:  Single Family Residential and Multi-Family (non-owner occupied); limited commercial

Loan Size:  $50,000 to $2,500,000

Loan-to-Value (LTV):  Up to 70% of after-repair value (ARV)

Loan-to-Cost (LTC):  Up to 90% of purchase price (rehab financing up to 100% available subject to borrower qualification)

Loan Term:  6 months with option to extend

Lien Position:  First position

Borrower Qualification:  No income requirements. No credit check. No minimum FICO scores.

Borrower Type:  Business / Entity

Prepayment:  No prepayment penalty

Closing Speed:  24 – 48 hours. Minimal paperwork*


  • Appraisal not required*
  • Credit score not required*
  • No “junk” fees*


*majority of loans

Jennifer, Lisa, and Patricia are our amazing representatives for our loan products.  You can fill out the form below, email,  or call 972-737-1850 today to speak to them.


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The Power of 1031 Exchanges

This month, Lu Ann Blough will present “The Power of 1031 Exchanges – Multiply your dollars” as the June Continuing Education (CE) for Texas real estate agents.  Agents receive complimentary CE, but everyone can attend this session.  The course will cover: Identify those real estate transactions which are eligible for IRC 1031 consideration. List and understand the six (6) basic components. Identify the statutory requirements for a Qualified investment(QI). List and describe the specific functions and role of a QI. Recognize that 1031 Tax Deferred exchanges need to be a part of a client’s tax planning strategies. Taught by Lu Ann Blough with ERG. 1hr MCE. Course number: 30958


In this class you will learn how to:
1. Identify those real estate transactions which are eligible for IRC 1031 Exchanges.
2. List and understand the six basic requirements for a 1031 Exchange
3. Identify and understand what to look for when choosing a qualified Intermediary
4. Recognize that a 1031 Exchange should be part of an investor’s retirement planning strategy.

MORE ABOUT LU ANN:  Lu Ann Blough brings 20+ years experience in the title industry, reinsurance and real estate industries to the Exchange Resource Group team and acts as Regional Development Manager. She is the proud mother of three sons, Matt, Daniel and David. Matt currently works in the insurance industry, Daniel works for a commercial real estate company and David is currently attending Purdue University and plays quarterback for the Boilermakers. Lu Ann grew up in Deerfield, IL attending Deerfield High School. She spent her undergraduate years at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN where she received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She began her career working in London for a Lloyds of London Insurance Broker.

Lu Ann Blough || direct 972-863-1031 ||
Regional Development Director || Exchange Resource Group ||

MORE ABOUT ERG:  ERG is a nationwide qualified intermediary (QI) specializing exclusively in all types of 1031 tax deferred exchanges, including complex reverse, construction, and improvement Exchanges. The principals of the company have a combined 50+ years facilitating 1031 Exchanges.

1031 Exchange Services – Texas – Exchange Resource Group, LLC is a qualified intermediary (QI) handling all types of 1031 exchanges in Texas, including reverse, construction, and real property exchanges. We provide 24/7 support so you can ask us questions anytime.

We provide educational and transaction support to investors, buyers, sellers, CPAs, attorneys, brokers, real estate agents, banking and title professionals to ensure that clients are comfortable (and even excited!) using a 1031 exchange to defer paying taxes on even the most complex deals.

ERG Provides:

Document Preparation
Secure Holding of Funds
Timeline Tracking
Transaction Support
With 40 years of experience and 12,500+ transactions behind us, you’ll get expertise that saves closings and keeps deals from falling apart.

Our team prepares and reviews the documents necessary to complete your exchange and properly comply with current Section 1031 tax law offering you the protection and assurance you need to complete an exchange.

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Flat fee, full service, Investor focused

In preparing for the Summer, the team at Investable Realty has decided to offer flat fee listings for a limited time.  Whether you are an investor or a homeowner, our team of licensed and trained real estate agents will list any home in the Dallas Fort Worth area for a flat fee of $995.  Although this is flat fee, I’ve made it clear to them it is not flat service!

So, whether it’s a personal residence, a completed flip property, an occupied rental, or a wholesale deal, you’ll receive the following for $995:

  • Detailed listing in MLS including room measurements and a thought out description
  • Professional pictures, not an iPhone
  • A real sign in the yard
  • Full contract negotiating assistance
  • Detailed opinions and analysis prior to listing
  • Showing support and documentation through CSS
  • No combos, only electronic keyboxes

Need help?  We have over 30 agents waiting to assist.  These are the same agents that sell my houses, and I’ve personally taken an interest in preparing them to be of service to you.

Fill out the form below, or call 214-919-4283.

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Unsecured Lines of Credit – up to $150k

Here is a special message from one of our sponsors:


Do you need money for earnest money deposits or to get a rehab started? Get a line of credit of up to $150,000!  Imagine the buying power you’ll have with one of these credit lines!

Now is the time to get your line of credit

I can not stress enough the importance of readily available lines of credit when you are investing in real estate!

The guys over at Stonebridge Capital Group are extremely creative in getting individuals and small business owners approved for lines of credit. These credit lines are unsecured and give individuals and investors additional buying power.

When is the time to get a line of credit? Right Now! Do not wait until you need one… be ready to pick up that great deal the moment you find it!

Get Your Credit Line Now

Now is the time to get your line of credit

Stonebridge Capital Group ( provides access to:*

  • $10k – $150k in business or personal lines of credit
  • Instant Pre-Approval
  • 0% interest for up to 24 months
  • Get Your Lines of Credit in 7 to 14 Days!

Money for Small Businesses and Personal Lines of Credit

The biggest challenge start up businesses and individuals have is obtaining funding. Our program is second to none. We help businesses and individuals get up to $150k in unsecured cash credit lines all the time. If your FICO credit score is 650 or higher, we can probably get you funding.

Fast Process

Fill out the short questionnaire (on website) to get started. We just need some basic information from you and we can get to work in getting your line of credit. You can use as much or as little of your funds as needed.

Get Your Credit Line Now


Please, do not hesitate to ask us. You can call us at (480)626-1772. Our goal is to get you a line of credit. We only win when you win