See you Saturday!

by Tim Herriage

See you Saturday!

by Tim Herriage

by Tim Herriage

Saturday, February 19, 2011
10:00AM till 4:00PM

4851 Keller Springs
Suite 219
Addison, TX 75001

George Roddy, Jr. and Tim Herriage will be presenting their Advanced Wholesale Real Estate course. 

  1. Six hours of instruction
  2. Lunch Included
  3. CD with editable forms
  4. Free access to the Basic course audio prior to the workshop
  5. Acquisitions Marketing plan
    1. Mortgage Assignments
    2. Pre Foreclosures
    3. Estates
    4. Vacant houses
  6. Phone script and worksheet
  7. Appointment preparation checklist
  8. Contracts and addendum's
  9. Wholesale marketing plan
  10. Wholesale marketing checklist
  11. Wholesale marketing format
  12. Tracking the processes
  13. Client fulfillment
  14. 30 days access to one of the FLS motivated seller lead sources


Visit this link ( to register.  The course is $299 for one, or $350 for two.  This includes everything.

Would you like to learn a strategy that requires no rehabs, no financing, no headaches? How would you like to make thousands of dollars never having to put more than $100 at risk? It’s a reality and a strategy that George Roddy, Jr. personally used to launch his investment career 17 years ago. This workshop will show you exactly how to lock up properties using our contracts and addendum's, and then turn it (contract) into fast cash.

Again, we’ll show you how to NOT use your personal funds to make this transaction work. Whether the property is loaded with equity or not, you will learn how to get paid in 7 days or less after you have a deal.

Program overview: Finding motivated sellers, scripts, contracts & addendum's, role-playing, web-based marketing and closing considerations/options.

What You Will Learn

•Learn about the SEVEN steps
•Develop an IDENITY
•(15) motivated seller leads
•Building your “Dream Team”
•THREE types of Advertising
•Connect to seller– we use the W.H.A.T approach
•Run the numbers – Deal Analyzer
•Control – how to write it up
•Find your buyer by marketing your “POP”
•How we close and take out the risk

One Time Only Bonus:

“Mortgage Assignments” – learn how to wholesale “low equity” deals to buyers who can't get traditional financing (there are a few buyers that qualify for this….Yeah like a MILLION Texas buyers!) This strategy is so HOT right now and you will learn exactly how to :

1. Target these sellers
2. Communicate the mechanics of Mortgage Assignments
3. Properly disclose and document the elements of this transaction
4. Control the real estate where you have little to no risk
5. Find the end-buyer, qualify them and collect their monies.
6. Closing papers – Prepare even more disclosures and have the end-buyer sign a “Performance Note” (learn about this in the class)

And finally, we cover all the things that could go wrong after the transaction and how to overcome these.

Workshop includes:  Step-by-step manual, 6-hours of instruction, forms, addendum's, marketing pieces, disclosures and recorded videos

Tim Herriage

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