Company update

by Tim Herriage Tim Herriage 1 Comment

Change, Growth, and Focus

It’s been three years since I left B2R. It’s been five years since I sold the REI Expo. The last three years have been fun. They’ve been tough. They’ve been great. They’ve been horrible. So goes the life of an entrepreneur. I find this is a little more true in real estate investing. The daily swings of being a small business owner are wild.

Change is scary

2020 REI was founded in 2015 to help create a place where real estate investors could go to for help. Not the kind of help that they were accustomed to either. The type of help we wanted to provide was different. We wanted it to be more about service. We wanted the customer to come first. I think we’ve done that, and am proud we did. Some things we tried were stupid. Some things we tried were great. Some things we tried were fun but just didn’t make good business sense.

I tell you all of this because the company has yet again changed direction.

Through a series of strategic relationships and partnerships, we’ve either spun off, sold or dissolved all of the companies that form the Group, making the group no longer necessary. It’s akin to what I’m doing now with my oldest son, who turns 18 Monday. We’ve set these companies up for success, and now it is time to send them on their way.

So, effective February 28th, you’ll see the following changes:

H&R Acquisitions
This is my house buying arm. It will be re-branded as DFW Investors. The real focus is on conveying that we buy houses across the metroplex, and have for years.

Investable Realty
You may not be aware, but we closed the real estate brokerage in September of 2018. This was a decision that was difficult. The business made money, but not enough to justify the expenses and time. We are in the process of selling the name and assets. We’ll announce it when the transaction is finished.

Consulting and Training
We no longer offer any consulting or training services.

We really enjoy running events, but they are a headache. We are launching a new website, later this month. This new site will be focused on creating a nationwide directory of real estate investor related events. We’ll still host an event or two every year, but for now we’re going to focus on making the site helpful.

Fund Management
We’ll be closing out the Elevate SFI Fund this year, and do not anticipate raising any additional capital at this time. The fund was a success, but George and I have decided not to take on any more partners in our development ventures.

We’ve began a transaction to sell our lending company. This transaction will be really good for all investors. We’ll become a direct lender, with access to a large amount of capital. Check out for more information.

Our insurance division (REI Choice) will begin the process to become it’s own entity in the near future. It has experienced tremendous growth in the past 12 months, and I’m excited about the possibilities it brings. We’ve now insured over $100,000,000 worth of assets in twelve short months. This company will begin to get a lot more organized by standing up on it’s own. The beginning of it is at

Wholesale Properties
We will still offer wholesale properties from time to time. Those will be offered through Instant Equity is an online listing engine for discounted properties. It is a free directory to post and browse properties.

Real Estate Investor Directory
We launched last year to offer a directory service for real estate investors. This concept needs developing, but I am excited about the possibilities. Listings are free to post, and we do not charge the viewer.