Too many chiefs

by Tim Herriage

Too many chiefs

by Tim Herriage

by Tim Herriage

In this day and age, there seems to be too many chiefs, and not enough indians.  It seems to be the case everywhere you look. 

The problem with a lot of contractors, is that they want to be the boss.  They want to have a helper for everything, and be the one that can disappear for two hours to Home Depot to get a piece of sheetrock.

Be careful hiring a contractor that wants you to pay him to supervise work, that you are already supervising!  I have found it is OK to ask contractors at the beginning of the day, “What are you working on today?”  Watch for buzzwords like, “we are going to” and “I think he ought to”.  These are clear indicators that the contractor you are talking to wants to be in charge, or even worse, thinks he already is!

Now, that is all well and good if you need a foreman/supervisor.  There are many people that do!  If you are past the point of needing a supervisor, then it might be time to let certain people go!  It is a hard decision, but a job comes in a lot closer to budget, if there aren't too many people wanting to be the boss.

Assert yourself, come up with a budget, and stick to it.  If your contractor tells you things are going to cost more than you planned, ask him why!  A lot of times, the charges just aren't justified.

Then again, that's just the way I see it!

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