Wholesaling and Assigning Contracts

by Tim Herriage

Wholesaling and Assigning Contracts

by Tim Herriage

by Tim Herriage

After my years as an intelligence analyst in the USMC, you could have never told me I was being trained to become a leading house buyer, wholesaler, and landlord.  I would have believed you if you told me I was going to work in the CIA, FBI, or in a clandestine program abroad, but if you told me by the age of 30 I would own fifty houses and be one of the top single family real estate investors in the country; I would have laughed at you and told you to have another drink!

Fast forward from the end of 2000 when I began processing my discharge orders to today, ten years later; WOW what a difference!  I am lucky to have been invited to speak at the Roddy Round Up this Thursday night!  George and I will be leading the discussion, Assigning and Wholesaling contracts.  When I got into this business, I had very little to my name.  I didn't have an advertising budget, billboards, or even a degree!  What I did have was drive, determination, and discipline!  Now, more than ever, these three will keep you alive and help you thrive in the muddy waters of today's real estate market.

I will never forget my first day at work with my mentor, Tim.  Tim taught me a lot of good things in the front seat of his truck.  We drove around Dallas, and looked at neighborhoods.  We made phone calls to properties that were for sale, and even some that were for rent.  We called other wholesalers, and met as many people as we could face to face.  The lesson I learned, was always ask for what you want, and do what you say.  The rest will take care of itself!

To master wholesaling, you need to be proficient in a couple of areas:

  1. Financing
  2. Supply and Demand
  3. Exit Strategies
  4. Contracts
  5. Sales
  6. Marketing
  7. Honesty

To be frank, if you can master number seven, the rest will fall into line.  I will be hosting a conference call tomorrow at noon, and then speaking at the Roddy Round Up on Thursday.  It is free, and George and his crew always put on a great show.

Here is the link to register!

See you online, or in the field!


Tim Herriage

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